Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the  things they’ve said about us. Please note we have only had the website for one year so we have many customers who sent us similar messages but were before the website.


It is nice to hear from you. Of course you can use my photos in any manner you wish. I’m very satisfied with your product and will gladly recommend it to others – as I have already.  Best of luck. Thanks.

~Mike Anderson  boat in Florida              June 2016

I have generated some interest in these systems. I don’t think a lot of people realize how affordable RO has become and how well it really works. People can’t believe you can really drink it without some kind of taste.   I am so pleased with this system. It is one of the most satisfying things I have done in some time!
Thanks for everything!
~Steve boat in Key West, FL.
Hi Stu
Hoy are you doing
Water maker works well
110 lts per hour    (29 gallons per hour)
Work in engine ralenti fine
Consume 1 lt of Diesel per hour
The pump install in front of the engine
The high presure vessel in the engine port side
The other filters under The salod sits
Right where goes bilge and tanks cocks and Fresh water pump
The bucket was replace for a plastic box yellow direct conected To The filters so it Will be Easy To hsndle and remain clean with a led
I Will need tris end of The year extra high presure spare filters becouse I aleays like to be asure
And Also need more white powder
This I will buy it here but I forgot The
Ñame and I left The catalog in The boat
Have a nice day and thanks                                                 March 2015   ~Dr. Miguel- Peru- boat in Aruba

Hi Stu,

As promised here are the photos of the water maker installation. It is working great.

Jerry- cruising in the Pacific         August 2017

2017 LunaSea

Hi Stu,

We spent the summer in BDLA (Sea of Cortez) and used water maker. We even made water for some other boats anchored near us! Thanks