8 TO 12 GPH SYSTEM/DESALINATOR available in 120/240 volt ac or 12 or 24 volt dc



Includes stainless steel 3 way valve at sea water in from sea strainer, booster pump, 5 micron prefilter housing, element, and wrench, High pressure pump with 1/2 HP DC motor(rated 39 amps at 12v, Users report 24 amp draw at 800 PSI 24 volts at 12 amps) with over pressure relief valve with 6 feet high pressure line, 21″ Dow R O membrane and high pressure housing, 0 to 20 GPH flow meter, 3 way product water valve, ss liquid filled 0 to 1500 PSI gauge, with¬† SS needle/pressure control valve, 3-way brine valve, 20 feet 1/4″ clear food grade tubing, 10 feet 1/2″braided vinyl suction tubing, Through installation, maintenance, and operation manual, Pickling chemicals, all high and low pressure fitting as required-A COMPLETE SYSTEM.¬† The components are labeled and numbered with a system diagram showing how it is all connected. Starting with #1 Sea water in to #2 boost pump to #3 prefilter, very easy to follow instructions and if a question comes up you can always email or call Stu for assistance.

You will need to supply through hulls, sea strainer, hose clamps, and wiring for pump motors.

$2.950.00 and $150.00 shipping FedEx or UPS.

Optional fresh water flush system $190.00