Complete system includes 1 1/2 HP Ac motor,with stainless steel 3 way valve at seawater in from sea strainer, 10 feet braided suction tubing, booster pump, 5 micron pre-filter housing with element, mounting bracket, and wrench. Italian made commercial high pressure pump with soft start motor with relief valve, 8 feet 3000 PSI SS hose with all fittings, two Dow 2 1/2″ by 40″ filmtec RO membranes and salt water pressure vessels ( or one 4″ X 40″ high pressure vessel and RO membrane), 0 to 60 GPH product flow meter, stainless steel pressure control needle valve with liquid filled pressure gauge, 3-way brine pickling valve, 3-way product water sampling valve, 10 feet 1/2″ webbed suction hose, 20 feet 3/8″ food grade water tubing, installation and operation manual, pickling chemical, and padded mounting clamps for pressure vessels. All fittings (high and low pressure as required) for a complete water maker system. All parts are numbered so you connect 1 to #2, 2 to #3, and so forth. A very simple, & easy to understand installation process. If you need assistance email or call Stu 520.406.5260. You need to supply thru-hulls,hose clamps, and wiring for motor/pumps. Optional fresh water flush kit $175.00

55 GPH System $3,675.00 plus $150.00 shipping and handling